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Nancy is a flexible C# library for Network Calculus computations. It implements min-plus and max-plus operators, and handles ultimately pseudo-periodic piecewise affine curves.

Plot of a generic DNC curve
Example of a generic DNC curve, supported by this library

It has been developed by Raffaele Zippo and Giovanni Stea (University of Pisa, Italy), partly during a joint research project with Arm LTD, Cambridge (UK). The authors would like to thank the Arm staff involved in that project, and particularly Dr. Matteo Andreozzi, for useful discussions and suggestions.

You can use this library to quickly write, compute and plot Network Calculus expressions, or to build larger analysis tools with its performant computations. Nancy is released under the MIT license.

For a first introduction on how it works, see the First Tutorial section.

To try it by yourself, see the Getting Started section.