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A computational library for Deterministic Network Calculus

Easy to Use

Nancy was designed to easily write and compute min-plus and max-plus expressions.

Parallel and Scalable, by design

All objects are immutable, all operations independent and parallel by design. Run it on as many cores as you want.

For Learning

For first timers to Network Calculus, known results are easy to replicate and visualize.

For Research

For researchers, it does not get in your way. You can compute and plot what you want, without modeling restrictions.

For Applications

For applications, you can implement studies with high performance and fine tuning.

Academic Attribution

This software is an academic product, just like papers are. If you build on someone else's scientific ideas, you will obviously cite their paper reporting these ideas. This is standard academic practice. Like it or not, citations are the academic currency.

If you use the Nancy library, or any software including parts of it or derived from it, 
we would appreciate it if you could cite the original paper describing it:

R. Zippo, G. Stea, "Nancy: an efficient parallel Network Calculus library",
SoftwareX, Volume 19, July 2022, DOI: 10.1016/j.softx.2022.101178
The MIT license allows you to use this software for almost any purpose. However, if you use or include this software or its code (in full or in part) in your own, the fact that you are doing so in full compliance to the license does not exempt you from following standard academic practices regarding attribution and citation. This means that it is still your duty to ensure that users of your software:
  1. know that it uses or includes our work, and
  2. they can cite the above paper for correct attribution (along with your own work, possibly).
The above two requirements are met, for open source projects, if you report the statement above in the readme of any code that uses or includes ours.